Thank you for considering me as the perfect artist to paint a wildlife portrait for you. Maybe you have a special connection to a wild animal you see on a daily basis (for me, it’s wild turkeys). Maybe you have a spirit animal or one from a story or legend that you want to commemorate? Maybe you’re a hunter with a deep respect for animals in the wild or a wildlife conservationist? For whatever the reason, I am ready to create a beautiful wildlife painting for you, a friend or a loved one. I have a wide range of prices and sizes, and I work with all forms of payment. If you don’t see your preferred form of payment listed during checkout, just ask! I work with your photos, but it’s perfectly fine for me to work with a photo you pulled from an online stock photo search, too.

Here’s how the process works:

  • Purchase your portrait according to your preferred size.
  • Email me photos of your portrait subject.
  • You and I discuss style, colors and content.
  • I create your work of art.
  • I ship your painting to you!

Please see the Description tab below for additional information on how to order your custom wildlife portrait. Also, please visit my Testimonials page or do a quick Google image search for RobiniArt pet portraits to see tons of examples of other portraits I’ve painted for other happy collectors!

Thank you so much!


I have been painting custom, privately commissioned portraits of animals for people all over the world for many, many years under the name “RobiniArt”. I paint from photos that you send to me via robin@robiniart.com. Easy! Best photos are bright, focused and in natural light, with the animal facing the camera and not being held.

I will paint your subject realistically, in the Dia de los Muertos (sugar skull) style or in a combo of those two styles. It’s your choice! However I paint, know that your portrait will be bright, bold, contemporary, and a major conversation piece.

Prices listed are for single subject (one animal) portraits only. There are additional charges to paint two subjects (see drop down price list). If more than two, reach out to me via robin@robiniart.com.

Your painting will not need a frame. It will arrive ready to hang with wire in the back and sides finished in black, white or natural wood. This gives your painting a high-end gallery look and is wonderful if you lead a busy life and don’t have time for a frame shop.

I will pack your painting professionally and ship it to you safely, and it will be insured to its full value.


I sometimes have to put your portrait on a waitlist after your purchase if I get several commissions at once, because I can’t paint them all at once (a good problem to have)! Therefore, shipping can vary from a short time to a longer time. Patience is a virtue when commissioning fine art from a successful, professional artist! If you have questions about this, just ask. I can sometimes accommodate customer schedules if they are having an art gifting emergency.

IMPORTANT: If you’re hoping to send one of my portraits as a holiday gift, please pretty please let me know as soon as possible and order by early summer if possible. I’m not a machine! I get pretty swamped with holiday commissions and can only paint so fast . . . . but I do have gift certificates! Having said, that, it never hurts to ask in November or early December. If I’m caught up on my commission roster, I could possibly have your portrait done for you in time. ALWAYS ASK!

Thanks for taking the time to read this long description. If you’ve made it this far, you’re probably serious about commissioning me to paint your sweet fur baby. Do a little more research at the following links, and stay safe and healthy out there, wherever you are!


IMPORTANT: There are absolutely NO RETURNS on custom orders or gift certificates, whether I’ve physically started your painting or not. I spend a lot of time with clients in the pre-painting phase with emails, phone calls, photo discussions, composition design, color conversations, graphic design for ideas, etc. That time is very valuable to me!

Robin Arthur reserves the right to reuse images of her original artwork and to create derivative works of art therefrom. By commissioning artwork from RobiniArt, customer expressly grants Robin Arthur d/b/a RobiniArt, a worldwide, non-exclusive license to use, publish, reproduce, and sell, any works based on images provided by customer, and agrees that consideration for such license has been received by customer in the form of a discount applied to the price paid by customer for their commissioned artwork.

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