Wacky weekend

I don’t know what I’ve done or which planets are askew, but something strange is going on in my universe. First off, I RARELY get invited anywhere and to be honest, between attempting to do art and going places, I’m kind of buzzzy anyhow, but this weekend, my social calendar was overbooked…. First, I planned to go to the big ol’ Arts Gala/Art Auction with ...

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Umm.. well.

Allrighty, so you may have noticed that nothing looks really different and in fact it looks fairly BLAND. Well, I had some new fancy design that I was working on, but when I loaded the test, my columns and formatting were skewed. I’m not sure what happened. ;( So, in the meantime, just enjoy some blandness. I have a silly valentine’s background (a quick little ...

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Search engines

I always find the keywords that folks search in the various engines which lead them to my site. Almost as interesting are the search terms that folks used which found my site but they didn’t visit. Search terms of visitors to my website from the major search engines for one day, along with my reasoning of why they got robinart as a hit: GOOGLE: metallic ...

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