Assignment 5: Reaction: Learning Theory Group Project

I would like to comment more on Gagne’s Conditions of Learning. Although it seems too complex to summarize based upon the brief group presentation, I do find Gagne’s conditions of learning interesting as it seems very much the training style that my department uses to teach new employees the skills needed to do their work. Although our training style encompasses many theories (constructivist, for one), ...

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Assignment 5: Group work (TIP)

My group’s preliminary work and my thoughts on our topic. Our fifth assignment is from the Theory Into Practice Database (TIP) , located at http://tip.psychology.org/ Each group picks on theory of learning & instruction to discuss. My group has chosen constructivism, http://tip.psychology.org/bruner.html My group consists of Haley Grizzle, John Kriemeyer, and Ericka Mayweather. As my voice comes and goes due to my cold, they have ...

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