art news

ok, well, I will be featured in the blotter for august. I’m not exactly sure when it comes out, but will let you know. Yay! http://www.blotterrag.com/ The blotter is a Southern arts &; writing zine Well, I think they are trying to be a little more professional than what I consider a zine to be. Then again, maybe a zine isn’t what it used to ...

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The devil in my car?

So, Thurs afternoon, my car blew up. Ok, it didn’t really blow up (I hope). Just antifreeze spraying everywhere. Thankfully, I made it home….and of course, it now seems like it has a million (little?) things wrong with it. A vacuum leak, a coolant leak, some other thing (a sensor) which just had completely melted. Anyhow, as my neighbor, a blues musician says, I think ...

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Willy Wonka

…Absolutely adored Charlie & the Chocolate Factory. Feels like a completely different movie from the original (which I like…) very typical tim burton…. visually stunning, although the exteriors of the factory and the non-candy rooms were my favorites; beatiful organic shapes and forms, curls and spirals, candy saturated colors, and prevalent greys, greys, greys, and snow, snow, snow… story seems much more edward scissorhands but ...

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…and here is a view of my first crocheted project. The ever popular beginner’s scarf…and yes, it is even. I think the way it’s folded or bunched makes it look wider on one end. Although it’s kind of hard to see it is black with sparkly dark blue mohair woven through it and sparkly fringe.

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vacation school

I don’t really see alot of time for just hanging around doing nothing in my vacations these days. reading a book on the beach, wandering around historic stuff. It’s either travelling, hiking/swimming/snowboarding(dependent upon locale) eating, shopping, or in the reverse. It’s certainly fun, but exhausting. sometimes I yearn for the other kind of vacations. The ones to my grandma’s houses when I was a kid. ...

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