Don’t forget the local charities, too!

Your local charities still need help. The humane society in my town has a mile long list of needs right down to bleach and paper towels. These people do good work and it’s entirely volunteer Sooo.. don’t forget to …. think globally act neighborly. Giving to the katrina effort is great (it really is) but I hope people don’t forget the local charities, when they ...

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hello there.

Like every journal/blog on the ‘net, some days, this one is about not much of anything. Other days, I post new artwork, various inspirations, exhibit invites, photos, web clippings, links and even VIDEO! My artwork currently relies heavily on handmade paper, oil stick, etc. Photos are not retouched, unless noted. Photos and artwork are available for viewing @ galleries or you can check out my ...

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This is an entirely personal post. 😉…. oh, the hurricane. it’s awful. I have been fortunate/unfortunate enough to witness personally several hurricane aftermaths. I grew up on the coast and I love the ocean. REALLY. Hurricanes themselves do not scare me (although tornodoes scare me to death) but I am totally in awe of them and I do worry about environmental/health affects afterwards. Possessions are ...

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