http://www.geniusdenied.com/articles/ArticlePrintable.aspx?rid=14045 Ok, this idea of multipotentiality is really interesting to me. “Multipotentiality is the ability to select and develop any number of career options because of a wide variety of interests, aptitudes, and abilities (Frederickson &; Rothney, 1972). The broad range of opportunities available tends to increase the complexity of decision making and goal setting, and it may actually delay career selection. Multipotentiality is most ...

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More! Linky links

What could be better?cool links for thursday… Honda new car – WOWGoogle hypes OpenOfficeKiller Dolphins on the looseCats in sinksKatrina pet stories (good ones!)Timely reading: THE event on which this fiction is founded has been supposed…New Orleans 2004 article…Really scary. a neat store in the north ga mountains

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report from the field

I’m still recovering from my sun headache which almost turned into a migraine (no alcohol involved, it’s just what happens to pale pasty people in the sun after 8 hours…) thankfully, broadband spf45 does the trick along with sunguard from rite dye…. that’s one big ramp, eh? I ended up having a fun weekend. a little stressful as a press pass somehow didn’t happen at ...

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class for spring

NMIX 4110 – New Media Production (3 hours) Our new media competency course where students learn the basics of how to make new media things. Sure it is web pages, but students also learn a little Flash, how to make cell phone new media, and a little bit of audio and video. NMIX 4310 – Rich Media Production (3 hours) Students will learn how to ...

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