chasing the muse

So tonight after our presentation demo (not too late to answer the creativity questions if interested!) I ended up in a conversation with one of the professors and TA about my topic, creativity. One thing that the professor said was that he had issues when people try to put creativity in a box to be studied. (!) Creativity has really been a great topic for ...

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SPARC: my project

Calling all fellow artists! First, I need a few more folks to answer questions about creativity. If you are a writer or artist (I would consider musicians, too) & want to be part of this let me know. Your answers would be compiled into a thoughts on creativity webpage. To participate you have to have a website which somehow reflects your creative endeavors. You have ...

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Creativity challenge no. 4

This goes out to everyone who blogs.writes.journals.diaries.creates.scribes.photographs. online: When you get into a “rut” (writer’s block, painter’s despair, whatever), how do you handle it? Do you just “ride out the storm”? Try other things in hopes of rekindling creativity? Look for memes, guided exercises, etc? Talk to like minded folks? My answers are in the comments

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sooo tired

okay, halloween was low key even though I had a kickin’ costume, but gwen stefani and the black eyed peas were way fun. Actually, I like the black eyed peas alot better and I thought they were fun. Gwen S. well, she seemed to not be quite so into it; She griped about somebody being mean to her and really didn’t perform as long as ...

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