Fave comic

The local alt weekly used to publish a one panel comic from Julie Larson called suburban torture. Along the way, the name changed to dinette set and then it went into major syndication and the local alt weekly dropped it. I did find a newspaper that published them online for a little while, but there seemed to be no rhyme or reason to when they ...

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time management and thoughts on the studio experience

This is from my class project journal; but it really applies to most everything: Part of flexible learning strategies is also time-planning and managing. Again, traditional instructional settings place the responsibility almost exclusively into the hands of the instructor. Learners are expected to follow the rhythm of instruction, practice, and evaluation, that is provided by the educational “authority” who is in charge. If this external ...

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SPARC Project

well, not only did I get an A (actually umm…. A+) on my project, but it’s a blue sock award winner. The blue sock is a peer reviewed award based on the concepts that 1) the project must work without any defaults 2) it must have some substance/relevance and 3) it should be visually pleasing and engaging (also, all projects this semester had to meet ...

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