a few new photos.

ok, and some new photos in the photo gallery. A few from Cataloochee a few weeks ago, as well as some from other parts of the mountains, and then some from piedmont park, which are digital &; mostly of the ditch. I should have a few more real atlanta photos tomorrow. I hope. http://www.robinart.com/galleries/thumbnails.php?album=lastup&;cat=0

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New video

Ok, not such new video, but I finally got the clips uploaded. Enjoy, these are .wmv format (sorry mac folks!) from various projects. I couldn’t get the files converted into mov or avi and still keep the size smallish. Anyhow, as always, let me know what you think. painting video http://www.robinart.com/galleries/displayimage.php?album=60&;pos=3 snowboard video http://www.robinart.com/galleries/displayimage.php?album=60&;pos=1

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under a perfect sky

there have been times when I truly am just in awe of the world. certainly the chipmunk incident (when I saved a baby chipmonk and it appeared to be dead, but then woke up and stood up in my hand and actually looked at me…) but then other times, too. Upon leaving a grocery store late in the evening after a particularly rotten day a ...

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Egg pottery

well, I did mention that I would post old (high school and before) artwork as I find. Here is my infamous egg – the only piece of pottery I made which hasn’t been broken (either during the firing process or afterwards). It’s hand formed and while not quite perfect, I still really like it. If I ever take another pottery class, I might see if ...

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Robin reads: The friend who got away, Son of Wicked, Locked Rooms

While I STILL wait for Wicked from the public library (I’ve been 2nd on the list for a while now), I did manage to finish 3 books: The Friend Who Got Away : Twenty Women’s True Life Tales of Friendships that Blew Up, Burned Out or Faded Away, by Jenny Offill, Elissa Schappell. (NONFICTION) ? I enjoyed this book greatly. It has a great variety ...

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health reflections

ok, in what I hope to be the last health update (at least for a very long time!), I have passed all of my remaining tests for the bleeding ulcer. No more internal bleeding (at least it appears to have mended), my iron is low-normal (which for me, may be about normal). I still tire easily if/when I walk at higher altitudes or up a ...

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new! new!

please check out the look of the main page http://www.robinart.com I will start pulling in headlines from my art journal (still working out the details on that one!) plus the latest 4 photos uploaded. so, all of the fun stuff in one spot; plus a new look, of course.

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