need an invite?

So, with all the various invite stuff (Yahoo’s new social networking service, mash), pownce, etc. if you didn’t receive an invite, you probably get tired of trying to figure out which one of your technie friends received an invite, so you could go bug them, right? Well, here is your answer.Inviteshare

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del.icio.us testing new features

If you are a del.icio.us user, you may be interested in knowing that del.icio.us is testing some new features. If you didn’t receive an invite (I didn’t, which doesn’t mean much…) then you can request to be added to list. I do hope that this will also mean more functionality in searching. For example in the Cataloging links page which is populated by del.icio.us links, ...

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photo friday: purple

What I really like about this photo is the composition: the shapes, the reflection from the lily leaves, etc. which I think gives it a little bit of a painterly feel. I also think the edges of the petals show a reflected purple from the water or perhaps, that is an eggplant color(?) Navy blue? Hopefully, not just another hokey water lily shot.

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