unconscious stream

I’m blaming it on ee but it might be my browser. I wrote a whole post about inspiration, but ya know, it’s just not here. The RSS feeds aren’t working properly, either. I really hope upgrading in a few days will make the difference. As soon as someone creates a nifty little tool to import ee into wordpress, I’ll probably go that route. In the ...

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runs around screaming

Do you ever have one of those ahhhhhh! AH! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! moments where you feel like everything is a burning house of cards? Exactly how I’m feeling. Entirely overwhelmed. I’m trying to make some decisions about school. Part of me thinks I should totally scrap the useful can make money at it; and do something art related instead…but the money thing…. Also, how can I have ...

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So, I got the message that my blog software needs an upgrade. I think I’ll wait until the end of the month when I’ll have more time. There’s never any telling whether an upgrade will go well, semiwell (a few problems to fix) or terrible (whole thing crashes to the ground.) The last few upgrades of ee have gone semiwell – various problems, nothing too ...

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