Question of the Day: How to search your own tweets at twitter

So, this was MY question today: as in, I wanted to re-post a tweet about moonshine arts & literary magazine. I couldn’t quite remember what I wrote and I didn’t use a #hashtag. So what to do? How do you search your own twitter feed? There are lots of cool trending tools out there, but those are very limited in terms of timeframe. I personally ...

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spam, spam, spam @ google groups

So, I’m the admin for like 5 different google groups. I’ve set the groups to moderation for new members and membership has to be approved. Still, still, we are getting hit with spam. Finally, as a desperate last measure, I’ve closed the list down for reading, unless you are logged in. I kind of wanted to keep the list open for reading, but oh well… ...

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Obsolete technologies: the losers

Today’s post is all about obsolete technologies. Contrary to the what?s next people, I do not believe libraries are going anywhere. I do think libraries will continue to evolve as community space and that more of our products and services will be digitally based (especially if kindle continues to catch on), but considering most libraries are free, we fit perfectly into the economy of free! ...

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Kodak ceases production of kodachrome ;-(

Kodak to Stop Making KodachromeBy MIKE BARRIS Eastman Kodak Co. will discontinue its iconic Kodachrone color film this year due to tumbling sales as photographers embrace newer Kodak films or digital imaging technology. Kodak introduced the amateur color film in 1935 and it became the first commercially successful color film. But sales are just a fraction of 1% of the company’s still-picture film revenue. The ...

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The death of IE6

If you haven’t been following all of the IE6 news of late, Youtube seems to be the most recent site to discontinue support for IE6: Mashable says that in order for the web to progress, IE6 must go (and briefly explains the major issues with IE6): …and if you really hate IE6, you can always join the death to IE6 movement. 😉

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Microsoft ends live search book & academic products

Hmmm….. ———————– From Microsoft’s Live Search blog: “Today we informed our partners that we are ending the Live Search Books and Live Search Academic projects and that both sites will be taken down next week. Books and scholarly publications will continue to be integrated into our Search results, but not through separate indexes.” Full blog posting at:

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