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Yahoo tests social network

Article about yahoo’s attempt to crack myspace and facebook’s domain; more at techcrunch. Also some brief discussion about whether this is the end of Yahoo 360. I wondered the same thing. Of course, mash is invitation only and I didn’t receive an invitation (despite the fact that I really have been using yahoo’s services for EVER it feels like…) I always wonder how they determine ...

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5000 resources to do just about anything online

5000 resources to do just about anything online I love mashable and I can’t possibly summarize everything in this article, but if you are looking for new things to do with your blog/website, or just to have a little fun on the ‘net, do take a look. You can find things such as 30 widgets for a wordpress blog, 70+ podcasting tools, 12+ twitter tools, ...

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Yahoo photos is closing

Well, I guess it’s no surprise to me. Flickr is superior… ——————We will officially close Yahoo! Photos on Thursday, September 20, 2007, at 9 p.m. PDT. Until then, we are offering you the opportunity to move to another photo sharing service (Flickr, KODAK Gallery, Shutterfly, Snapfish, or Photobucket). We’re making the transfer real simple, and with a couple clicks we’ll automatically move your photos to ...

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Mini presentation on Web 2.0 technologies

Overview What we are doing IM External (Chat Ref) Internal (Serials, Ref) Blogs The cataloging page has been up for about a month. We have 7 users linked to this page and we will be in a list of libraries using in Library Journal Wikis External (FAQs) Internal (Reference, Serials Cataloging) Looking to the future Higher profile web presence Being where ...

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the end is near? (well for web 2.0, etc.)

On one list I read (sorry, I forgot which one) a user posted that they thought the term Web 2.0 would slowly fade away. As we all become more comfortable with the dynamic, interactive and user oriented technology on the web (my paraphrasing), Web 2.0 would just become the “web.” Thinking over all of the various technological advancements in modern history, it does seem that ...

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conference overview

Alot of interesting info at the conference I attended yesterday. A few practical things (how to use handheld scanners to do inventory — looks labor intensive but not hard) and an glimpse into captivate for creating tutorials. The social technologies program was most interesting. For one, the presenter demoed my favorite web 2.0 video. 😉Mostly, I was interested to see how many libraries in that ...

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7 things you should know about ….

series of articles from educause regarding new technologies, impacts of technology, etc. including –creative commons–open journaling–digital storytelling–map mashups as well as the common suspects (facebook, youtube, virtual communities, blogging, etc.) interesting that opensource as a community and force hasn’t been addressed yet.

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some kind of new stuff from yahoo…

yahoo pipes (rss feed & aggregator) and 360 which seems set to take on umm. myspace(? facebook?) …and then there is new aol video website which also has taken the place of the wonderful multimedia search engine, singing fish. From what I’ve read elsewhere, singingfish was purchased by aol in 2003, but they have just recently taken down the whole site.

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library database typos

ok, I know I’ve mentioned this one already, but for those of you who are interested in the typos group, the link is here: and here’s a sample of possible typos:Adadem* ; Bpres* ; Distrub* ; Everday ; Intergrat* ;Ot-the ; Portuges* ; Psued* the * of course is for truncation, so that you retrieve all misspellings within the stem. Do you think databases ...

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