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Semantic Search engine?

From Read/WriteWeb: Evri Beta Launches: Search Less – Understand More Evri, a Paul Allen backed semantic search engine, launched into a limited beta this week. Evri was first shown publicly at the D6 conference. Evri’s CEO Neil Roseman likes to talk about Evri in terms of organizing content instead of calling it a search engine. At its core, however, Evri definitely is a search engine, ...

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Internet Explorer 8 in Beta (IE8)

It sounds like Microsoft is continuing to head down the path to standards compliancy… and a quick overview of some of the new features on the way (webslices looks amazingly like snapshots, which provides a little rollover live popup of a page as used on this website…. hmmmm…) I won’t be testing IE8 as I gave up on IE around 5. Thank goodness ...

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Microsoft to push out IE7 with next windows update

Microsoft has warned corporate administrators that it will push a new version of Internet Explorer 7 their way next month, and it has posted guidelines on how to ward off the automatic update if admins want to keep the older IE6 browser on their companies’ machines. Beginning Feb. 12, the new IE7 package will be put into the WSUS pipeline as an Update Rollup package. ...

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Various web bits – Firefox3.0, image editing online, and make your own comix

Good overview of Firefox3.0 in terms of web editing is located here I uploaded a rather large (and upside down) photo to pixenate, a free online web editing tool that even works with facebook.Pixenate tools include zoom, crop, resize, rotate, red eye, whiten, saturation, a few other features. Pretty nifty and easy to use. When you’ve finished, you can import to flickr or save. Make ...

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The death of search engines?

As early as 2004 (and most likely even earlier!), continuing onward in 2006, people where hailing the death of search engines. Some see social/web 2.0 technologies as decreasing the importance of search engines. Metatags are dead! proclaims another. Yet, here we are in 2007, with google set to take on the mobile world, with its new platform, Android. Hmm. Death? Like all technology, I would ...

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Article about a new search engine, spacetime:technology review of spacetime official site: As the author point out, if you have seen the stacked screens display in Vista, this looks very similiar. It looks cool for media especially, but… robin

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some kind of new stuff from yahoo…

yahoo pipes (rss feed & aggregator) and 360 which seems set to take on umm. myspace(? facebook?) …and then there is new aol video website which also has taken the place of the wonderful multimedia search engine, singing fish. From what I’ve read elsewhere, singingfish was purchased by aol in 2003, but they have just recently taken down the whole site.

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