Disposable video camera (and downloading video rather than processing it)

Well, this is kind of old news (2005!), but CVS now sells a disposable video camera.I wonder if they sell a disposable waterproof video camera … Anyhow, kind of interesting, but then considering how many phones and cheapie digital cameras now shoot video, I wonder how long this will last? Or perhaps, everything will move towards disposability. At least, the cameras seem like they are ...

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All quiet on this front

I feel an apology is in order. I’ve slipped off of the blogsphere for a while, mostly because I’ve just had so much project work going on. I’ve been busy tidying up my metadata for a project and I’m getting ready to teach a little workshop on advanced powerpoint (online materials forthcoming). I’ve had a couple of high priority-time sensitive projects drop in my lap, ...

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Exporting from Expression Engine (step by step)

I promised the friendly folks over at textpattern that I would write something about exporting entries from expression engine. This link in the ee wiki MOSTLY covers it. I say mostly, because you’ll need to make some modifications which are not listed but that I am including. Additionally, you will need to be careful to do all of the steps in order, so I’m just ...

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textpattern, wordpress, & redesign

I’m re-doing one of my domains with textpattern or wordpress. I considered drupal, but to be honest, I want something with a little stronger 3rd party support. There are several features & functionalities missing in drupal which I need. For a site from scratch or one with content generated from within drupal, all is well. For those working with 3rd party apps already, well, it ...

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new art, new writings — the sublime by the light of the moon

For those of you interested in arts & tech stuff, check out Elliot Boswell’s Painting du Jour videos at Youtube. Here is a little interview with him w/ embedded youtube, of course. Also, I wrote a brief piece on digital identity for artists. Lots of great writing on board for December’s issue, so do check it out. The fiction, poetry, and short stories are getting ...

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So, I’ve been trying to figure out if I want to move to or use on my domain, or do something entirely different (I’m running drupal on my domain). Occasionally, I have considered moving over to as well… I like wordpress. It’s not so much that I hate blogger, it’s ok, but I’ve been wanting to do something with all of my ... vs. Read More