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Professional CV (a Jquery experiment)

So, when I did my dossier for promotion (I go through a rank and promotion process which is somewhat similar to tenure but *not* tenure) , I did it in Jquery. I wanted something that represented my skills as well as meet the format of the dossier.You can see it live embedded below or go to <br><p>Your browser does not support iframes.</p><br>

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Technical Services Efficiencies, Now and into the Future! Tomorrow!

Ideas and Insights Series:Technical Services Efficiencies, Now and into the Future! (Atlanta, GA) Date:Thursday, February 3, 2011Location:LYRASIS-Atlanta1438 West Peachtree St., ste. 200Atlanta, GA 30309Registration fee is now $50!REGISTER for this Event Agenda The pace of change facing library technical services staff is ever accelerating, as our organizations explore new technologies and new media. We ourselves in technical services face new tools, standards and utilities with ...

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My art & photographs (and a facebook page!)

A little bit of self PR My paintings & photographs as well as art news my page and “liking” it will mean you will receive new art & photos through your facebook news stream. No need to friend me or share your personal info with me 😉 (unless you just want to!) This is all done through FBML and CSS which I will share soon. ...

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It’s true…. I’m writing a book (no. 3 in list)

The Tech Set II Cloud Computing in Libraries – Marshall Breeding, Director for Innovative Technologies and Research for the Vanderbilt University Libraries Cloud computing offers organizations new cost-effective ways to use Web services for their computing needs including software applications, data storage, cloud development platforms, and processing power. This informative handbook provides a comprehensive view of the cloud computing landscape, the types of solutions available, ...

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Time flies (projects and more)

So, your might be wondering why I’ve been so quiet. Busy busy busy.I set up my art page on facebook at do not need to friend me (or even “like” the page) in order to see my photos and artwork.I will be migrating a huge chunk of my art website there, will I redesign it in Drupal (I’m getting rid of all of the stand ...

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Twitter for librarians

Tools I use: To future/schedule tweets Future tweets Brizzly To post: Brizzly delicious to twitter (links) picnik (twitpic) to twitter (images) To manage followers/following TwitterKarma: see follows/unfollows and when they posted last (can be slow) Mytweeple: same as above with a little more info To manage my presence: Klout Twitterstatistics Librarians and library people I follow @libraryfuture [I follow more non-library people than I do ...

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