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textpattern, wordpress, & redesign

I’m re-doing one of my domains with textpattern or wordpress. I considered drupal, but to be honest, I want something with a little stronger 3rd party support. There are several features & functionalities missing in drupal which I need. For a site from scratch or one with content generated from within drupal, all is well. For those working with 3rd party apps already, well, it ...

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new art, new writings — the sublime by the light of the moon

For those of you interested in arts & tech stuff, check out Elliot Boswell’s Painting du Jour videos at Youtube. Here is a little interview with him w/ embedded youtube, of course. Also, I wrote a brief piece on digital identity for artists. Lots of great writing on board for December’s issue, so do check it out. The fiction, poetry, and short stories are getting ...

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Image gallery: coppermine vs gallery vs 4images vs. ?

I’ve been using coppermine image gallery software ( for a hosted gallery for a while, but now I wonder if there is something better out there. My runner-up at the time was gallery, but now it seems like there are a lot more choices out there. Before I start spending significant time testing any of these alternatives to coppermine (and yes, I already use ...

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web 2.0 presentation prep

Well, my presentation on web 2.0 technologies for blogging is finally coming together. I’m using google presentation to house the presentation and I’ll publish it out on the web when finished. I’ve sent the presentation off to my co-presenter for her part and review. I’ve got to do a little bit of work over the next couple of weeks to tidy up the blog and ...

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So, I’ve been trying to figure out if I want to move to or use on my domain, or do something entirely different (I’m running drupal on my domain). Occasionally, I have considered moving over to as well… I like wordpress. It’s not so much that I hate blogger, it’s ok, but I’ve been wanting to do something with all of my ... vs. Read More