Yahoo buys vizify, shuts it down

Vizify shuts dow: From Vizify: Keep your bio online a bit longer We’ve created a way to archive a snapshot of your bio so that it remains online at Vizify a while longer. You have until April 7, 2014 to archive your bio. Your archived bio will remain publicly visible through September 4, 2014. If you make changes to your bio after you’ve archived it, ...

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The future of print books – crystal ball gazing

Over the past few months, if not years, I keep reading about print books becoming obsolete. I don’t think that will happen – at least, not entirely. I see parallels between print books and vinyl. In high school, I worked in a record store that was transitioning from vinyl to CDs (cassettes and albums kind of co-existed, but CDs were seen as an actual replacement). ...

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Meebo retirement date July 11! Hurry!

Meebo users: Meebo rides off into the sunset on July 11.—————————–As a past Messenger user, we wanted you to know that until July 11 you can download your archived Messenger chat logs. Log into your account on Meebo Messenger for a download link. Please act soon — after July 11, chat archives will be deleted. You may remember meebo was purchased by google…  Kind of like what ...

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End of typewriters

Although there are still a lot of typewriters on the market, mashable (a technology news source) & others are reporting that Godrej and Boyce, the last remaining manufacturer of typewriters, has shut down production More here: A history of typewriters and key layouts (…and I keep reading that keyboards are on the way out, too)

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