Google and Librarians — the lovelorn relationship

Well, if you haven’t heard all of the chatter and buzz, Google Librarian Central hadn’t been updated in a year (before today, that is)…and Google wasn’t at ALA leaving some librarians to call out google for punking librarians or even using librarians, while other librarians proclaimed, we weren’t surprised! While I fall more on the side of “google is a business, google is a corporation” ...

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Google goes 3D?

Okay, not quite… at least, not yet. 😉 Google has entered yet another space with the launch of Lively, a tool for creating 3D social spaces on Web sites, which is now available in a public beta test. The platform lets users create and personalize their own character, so-called avatars, and their own rooms, which is nothing new: Second Life does as much. But a ...

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Web2.0 and your library blog (tools)

I finally started loading some of my presentations at slideshare. Hopefully, I will add audio at some point.This presentation was for GLA 2007 and focused on web tools for blogs.Sorry, the links work within slideshare, but the movie does not. ;-( ————–Brief introduction to Web2.0, mashups, RSS, youtube, flickr del.icio.us, and how those tools can be incorporated into a library’s website or blog. Also includes ...

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Flickr & the Library of Congress

Library of Congress announced today that it has partnered with flickr, putting up 3,000 photos from two of their most popular collections.Only images for which no copyright restrictions are known to exist are included. The LOC blog post about it is here:http://www.loc.gov/blog/?p=233 The flickr page is here:http://www.flickr.com/photos/library_of_congress/

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social networking, library services & web usage – a survey

Interesting survey of 330 students at the University of Michigan; the social networking question was just one question out of the survey. The rest of the survey is kind of interesting, too! ———————–QUESTION: If you could contact a librarian via Facebook or MySpace for help with your research, would you? If not, why? Data/Analysis A total of 23% of respondents stated that *yes* or *maybe* ...

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