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web 2.0 the bubble

In the course of doing a little research for a brief article on social networking for visual artists, I found a lot of new services and of course, what seems to be a lot more discussion about the potential Web 2.0/social networking bubble (perhaps, it is just cumulative effect). Will it happen? Oh sure, at some point…. and you can read lots of various opinions ...

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need an invite?

So, with all the various invite stuff (Yahoo’s new social networking service, mash), pownce, etc. if you didn’t receive an invite, you probably get tired of trying to figure out which one of your technie friends received an invite, so you could go bug them, right? Well, here is your answer.Inviteshare

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k12 free online conference web 2.0 technologies

The K-12 Online Conference invites participation from all educators from around the world who are interested in innovative ways Web 2.0 tools and technologies can be used to improve learning. This is a FREE conference run by volunteers and open to everyone, no registration is required. The conference theme is “Playing with Boundaries”. The link to the conference is here

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web 2.0 presentation prep

Well, my presentation on web 2.0 technologies for blogging is finally coming together. I’m using google presentation to house the presentation and I’ll publish it out on the web when finished. I’ve sent the presentation off to my co-presenter for her part and review. I’ve got to do a little bit of work over the next couple of weeks to tidy up the blog and ...

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So, I’ve been trying to figure out if I want to move to or use on my domain, or do something entirely different (I’m running drupal on my domain). Occasionally, I have considered moving over to as well… I like wordpress. It’s not so much that I hate blogger, it’s ok, but I’ve been wanting to do something with all of my ... vs. Read More

…and all I wanted was a pepsi.

(pardons to suicidal tendancies…) So, I posted a couple of workarounds/fixes I discovered about blogger to the blogger google groups. I guess someone didn’t like them, because they magically disappeared. No email, no post back (hey, that’s a stupid idea, or that’s been posted a million times before [even if I couldn’t find it in searching], no you posted too many times in a day), ...

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Students’ use of technology

An interesting article on how college students use technology (alot but using specific tools for specific tasks; with 98.4 % of surveyed students owning some type of computer…) Instead, students appear to segment different modes of communication for different purposes. E-mail, Web sites, message boards and Blackboard? Viable ways of connecting with professors and peers. Same for chat, instant messaging, Facebook and text messages? Not ...

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Yahoo tests social network

Article about yahoo’s attempt to crack myspace and facebook’s domain; more at techcrunch. Also some brief discussion about whether this is the end of Yahoo 360. I wondered the same thing. Of course, mash is invitation only and I didn’t receive an invitation (despite the fact that I really have been using yahoo’s services for EVER it feels like…) I always wonder how they determine ...

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