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Reference in transition (interesting Stephen Abram article)

Although a good portion of what I read in terms of change in libraries is cataloging/metadata/systems related (metadata for electronic & digital objects, nex-gen catalogs, rda, opensource ILS, products to enhance user experience that work with the existing catalog (e.g., vufind, etc.), changes in LC policy, etc.), occasionally an article which is more reference oriented wanders across my desk. I’ve certainly read alot of articles ...

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The story behind Chrome (google’s new thang)

Are you tired of chrome yet? Not even sure what chrome is?Here is the story of chrome (google’s new browser): be honest, it looks an awful lot like firefox3…. but no support for RSS Feeds? Are you kidding? Lots of chatter about its TOS, too, but apparently some of that was old verbage and has now been modified, at least, that is the official ...

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Hulu — no sound?

I haven’t had any problems watching Hulu using Firefox3, but I did have the occasional problem with sound on Firefox2.x. In the earlier version, I sometimes had to un-install and re-install the flash add-on. Anyhow, since upgrading to Firefox 3. (now 3.1), I’ve had no problems. …but for those watching Hulu with no sound, here is more help.

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