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Library funding & Technology survey

The ALA and the Center for Library & Information Innovation (UMD) have extended the deadline for the 2009-2010 Public Library Funding & Technology Access survey ( ( )) one week. The online survey will remain open until Friday, November 13. At least 60% of libraries in each state must respond in order to provide state-level analysis in all 50 states (, in addition to ...

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Question of the day: Move facebook profile photo to album

So, this should be super easy if ALL of the photo albums in Facebook work the same way but they do not (What?!?! … ) In the Profile Photos album, there is no way to move a photo to a different album…. but there is a workaround of sorts. Click on profile photo to go to the Profile Photos album. Find the photo you want ...

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Question of the day: download video from facebook

There are a few different ways to download a video from facebook, none of which are built in to facebook. You can dig around in the internet cache for (IE) or Firefox or if you use Firefox you can add this wonderful little GreaseMonkey script that creates a download link right at the video in facebook. Whoa, now that is cool.

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For you bloggers — National Blog Posting Month

Nablopomo runs several blog events to encourage bloggers, too…. well, blog. October’s theme was haunted. November is blog every day. I’m going to give it a try this year. As you know, November is just around the corner and with it comes the big blogging free-for-all of the “official” National Blog Posting Month. There’s no theme for November, so you’re free to make it into ...

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Fix facebook feed — facebook “enhancements”

So, if you logged in to facebook over the weekend you saw that FB has wreaked havoc on your feed, greatly impacting the information you send out to your friends and what you see from your friends. Friend spam! I love it (not really…..) Of course, along with the bad is some good options. Potentially LOTS more control over what you share (or do not ...

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Facebook, privacy & digital identity (presentation)

10/26/2009 Update: Although my presentation is still (very) relevant, if you are looking for the fix for the latest facebook live feed enhancement, start here. This presentation was done the week before the enhancement was launched so although I did talk about privacy issues (and setting your privacy settings) the feed enhancement is was not available at the time.…and you can read all my posts ...

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