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Melvyl Recommender Project

The Melvyl Recommender Project, whichexplored next-generation services for library catalogs, has reached itsconclusion. This project was funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.Popular commercial services such as Google, eBay, Amazon, and Netflixhave evolved quickly over the last decade to help people find what theywant, developing information retrieval strategies such as usefullyranked results, spelling correction, and recommendations. Librarycatalogs, in contrast, have changed little and are not ...

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CSS generator for tables

Until IE becomes more standards compliant and all browsers began adhering strictly to the w3c coding standards, it will be nearly impossible to create one set of coding that renders beautifully across the various browsers. Many people do use one style sheet, but then include code specifically to work around junky IE. Anyhow, until that time, tables are still not such a bad idea for ...

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library database typos

ok, I know I’ve mentioned this one already, but for those of you who are interested in the typos group, the link is here: and here’s a sample of possible typos:Adadem* ; Bpres* ; Distrub* ; Everday ; Intergrat* ;Ot-the ; Portuges* ; Psued* the * of course is for truncation, so that you retrieve all misspellings within the stem. Do you think databases ...

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