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the myspace effect

an article about how myspace and social networking sites are eating up bandwidth (I love it that these sorts of sites are deemed ‘recreational’. I happen to have learned a few things from tutorials on youtube. I guess that falls under recreational learning….!)

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Looking for a particular blogger feed?

Okay, so I was trying to pull my feed in from here to a different website, but the feed didn’t seem to be working. Thanks to a little searching around on ‘net (I couldn’t find it anywhere here at blogger), I found the format for the feed: so: Just replace xxxxxx with whatever the blogname is. So, there ya go. Hope it helps someone else ...

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Article about a new search engine, spacetime:technology review of spacetime official site: As the author point out, if you have seen the stacked screens display in Vista, this looks very similiar. It looks cool for media especially, but… robin

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