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The friday five.01.05.04

What one thing are you most looking forward to . . . 1. …today? resting 2. …over the next week? getting through the first week of work after the holidays, putting together entries for various juried exhibits 3. …this year? being healthy and more focused. Participating in at least one juried exhibit. 4. …over the next five years? staying healthy, continuing to grow as artist ...

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The friday five.end of the year.12.29.03

1. What was your biggest accomplishment this year? Participating in a public art exhibit and winning honorable mention in a national graphic design contest; Invitation to exhibit in Montreal 2. What was your biggest disappointment? Not doing a juried art exhibit this year and that the associated costs of exhibiting in Montreal would just be too expensive 3. What do you hope the new year ...

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Umm? 12.21.03

Well, apparently, I have so much crap on my webspace that I’ve hit my limit… and considering how much space I have I didn’t even think that was possible. So, I lost the friday five somehow…. Anyway, I’m working on cleaning up my filespace…and it’s a good time to fix some of those things that I have been meaning to….

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Art Gala 12.14.03

Hmm… Well, my date was sick and it was too late for a backup date who would have been rightfully offended to be asked that late anyway. So I ended up going to the Heritage Gala by myself. It was ok. I was tired and it was very rainy and cold outside (yuck!) The art looked great, the music was super, and the food was ...

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Heritage Foundation Art Gala

I’ll have 2 new oil pastels up for auction at the Heritage Holiday Gala, including this one, entitled, organic. The medium is oil pastel with embedded beads (on paper) More info: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Preservation for Generations An Evening of Heritage, Art, and All That Jazz Saturday, December 13, 2003. 7:00 in the evening-12:00 midnight. The Classic Center, 300 North Thomas Street Black tie optional Dinner Buffet ...

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