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new! new!

please check out the look of the main page I will start pulling in headlines from my art journal (still working out the details on that one!) plus the latest 4 photos uploaded. so, all of the fun stuff in one spot; plus a new look, of course.

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brief health update

well, for those wondering…. I am doing better, but still not sure how everything is going. These next few weeks my doctors will be trying to figure out if my ulcer has gone away and also to figure out the reason for my persistent anemia (is it just a residual effect of major blood loss in December which is slowly resolving as I hope (my ...

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weekend update

well, I had the opportunity to go to the mountains for the first time this year. Amazingly enough it snowed! At one point, big fat wet snowflakes yay! In general the weather was perfect and I did fairly well at the higher altitude (considering the anemia and all). In fact, I felt almost up to speed except when it came to walking up the giant ...

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Fox photos

SO, I finally got around to developing my fox theatre photos. What a cool place. I had forgotten how neat it actually is. The Fox Theatre was originally built for the Shriners and at some point during the building process, it was bought by Fox. You can see more of my fox photos here and to read more about the fox visit these websites: History ...

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new score

9.3 on Jan. 11. 10.8 on the 30th. So, after the significant blood loss, I have come up (actually, almost 4 points since Dec.) Still anemic on the scale, but much better. I am a little disappointed though. I’ve been sooo good that I was hoping for 12. So, I have to really try to get my iron in + c to increase absorption and ...

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