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hair, hair, everywhere, hair. (another anemia symptom)

so, in the past month I have noticed that my hair has become remarkably thin. Actually, I first noticed in January that my hair was kind of umm… flat. It seems the top half had less in the way of curls and it just kind of was lying there listless. I didn’t think too much about this (cold weather, indoor heat, low humidity, growing out ...

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a few new photos.

ok, and some new photos in the photo gallery. A few from Cataloochee a few weeks ago, as well as some from other parts of the mountains, and then some from piedmont park, which are digital &; mostly of the ditch. I should have a few more real atlanta photos tomorrow. I hope.;cat=0

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New video

Ok, not such new video, but I finally got the clips uploaded. Enjoy, these are .wmv format (sorry mac folks!) from various projects. I couldn’t get the files converted into mov or avi and still keep the size smallish. Anyhow, as always, let me know what you think. painting video;pos=3 snowboard video;pos=1

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under a perfect sky

there have been times when I truly am just in awe of the world. certainly the chipmunk incident (when I saved a baby chipmonk and it appeared to be dead, but then woke up and stood up in my hand and actually looked at me…) but then other times, too. Upon leaving a grocery store late in the evening after a particularly rotten day a ...

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Egg pottery

well, I did mention that I would post old (high school and before) artwork as I find. Here is my infamous egg – the only piece of pottery I made which hasn’t been broken (either during the firing process or afterwards). It’s hand formed and while not quite perfect, I still really like it. If I ever take another pottery class, I might see if ...

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Robin reads: The friend who got away, Son of Wicked, Locked Rooms

While I STILL wait for Wicked from the public library (I’ve been 2nd on the list for a while now), I did manage to finish 3 books: The Friend Who Got Away : Twenty Women’s True Life Tales of Friendships that Blew Up, Burned Out or Faded Away, by Jenny Offill, Elissa Schappell. (NONFICTION) ? I enjoyed this book greatly. It has a great variety ...

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health reflections

ok, in what I hope to be the last health update (at least for a very long time!), I have passed all of my remaining tests for the bleeding ulcer. No more internal bleeding (at least it appears to have mended), my iron is low-normal (which for me, may be about normal). I still tire easily if/when I walk at higher altitudes or up a ...

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