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okay, before I forget; I miss the arty videos.

so, I was over at youtube which has some fascinating stuff at times, but I recently stumbled across the duran duran/arcadia videos from the 1980s. Sigh. There sure isn’t much in the way of artistic craft on tv these days, is there? Even the cartoon network is a looking a little dated. CSI tries at least to incorporate some interesting visuals into the story, and ...

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moonlight madness

well, not much to report other than I’ve been frantically trying to do as much of my metadata moonlighting assignment as possible. About 3/4 of the group has dropped out due to various committments (although I think the unanticipated amount of extra work combined with much lower pay rate is not helping at all), which means that I can take on extra once I finish ...

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nikki nikki

In lieu of the past two photo fridays, you get lots of photos from the nikki de saint phalle exhibit. Here are my quick thoughts on the exhibit. I mostly loved it o was really really hot, grumpy kids, wilted parents…. o a map of the nikki works in their relationship to the garden would have been very nice. I think I saw everything, ...

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