This evening I’m doing hands-on database and cataloging training (focus on metadata/cataloging and quality control) for the Owens Library; Tuesday and Weds, I am teaching for Lyrasis on FRBR (get FRBRized!) and then another session on

Introducing RDA: 1, Structure, Principles and Core Elements (Live Online)

which makes for lots of time juggling and very early mornings so that I can be free to teach at 4 pm. 😉 yeah, it’s true – I love it.  Saturday I am the session wrangler for thatCampSE  Finally, I am working out my session details for the Administrative Professionals Conference in Athens in April:

Social Media 4 Success:
Did you know that Social Media is being considered a digital age job skill requirement?  Learn what social media is and why it is important; explore Twitter, Google+ and Facebook, focusing on best practices, personal vs. professional engagement, and how to use tools to streamline your social media time. 

and I still need to schedule up summer – I seem to have an open schedule for the most part, other than possibly ALA. Remember, you can hire me for staff days, conferences, and presentations. I’m not free but I am reasonable (often it is just conference pass and travel) so drop me a line at