“Welcome to ATLAS! Using Social Media to Promote Digital Photos”

Alliance Library System(ALS) and LearningTimes are pleased to announce n online conference to debut ATLAS, a new set of social media tools to promote history and digital photographs. The conference will be
held online using Adobe Connect on Monday June 29 from 9:00 A.M. –11:00 A.M. There is no charge for this exciting conference.

ATLAS (Alliance’s Trail to Learning-Casts and Syndicated Sites) is a new set of social media tools ALS is using to promote information and photographs about Illinois history. ATLAS features a podmap of Illinois where the user can click on a city or geographic area to see what information is available. One of the sites for Peoria contains a
videocast, podcast, and text about Lydia Bradley, the founder of Bradley University. A user can enjoy the video and audio on a computer or download to a handheld device. The products will also be available
on I-tunes and users can subscribe to the topics of interest to them. In addition to the podmap, there will be an online community around the podmap for users to contribute resources, comments, and experiences. Learning Times is also using this technology with the Smithsonian Museum and the National Air Force Museum.

The program on June 29 will introduce librarians to ATLAS, its beginnings and where we hope to go next. The agenda for the program is below:

Introductions – Kitty Pope, ALS Executive Director
ATLAS project/background/history – Lori Bell, ALS Director of Innovation
Meet Albert Cashier, one of the historical figures on ATLAS – Angie
Green, ALS Library Development Consultant Meet
Lydia Bradley on ATLAS – Valerie Brandon, ALS Innovation Administrator
Podcast training – Jonathan Finkelstein, LearningTimes
Introduction to and overview of ATLAS – John Walber, LearningTimes
Project evaluation – Tom Peters, TAP Information Services, and Eric
Questions – all