Commenting, your friends and news stream:
In addition to changing the comment and messaging system (I hate the new threaded comments), Facebook in the past month or so has rolled out a few new changes:

If you’re wondering why your news stream is sort of anemic: Facebook has chosen to select who you see and who sees you. Under Most Recent> Edit Options; select All Friends and Fans to see everyone. Of course, this can be very helpful for filtering info, but nice of Facebook to tell everyone. More info about this change here and here.

On Security:

  • Facebook photos become a security issue (read here)  Basically you should opt out of tagging. Also, to turn off the stupid slideshow, after a photo opens F5 (you will need to do this everytime you open Facebook, I have yet to figure out a way to turn it off permanently)
  • FB has reset itself to the Non-Secure browsing setting. While on FB, look at your URL address (top box on your screen) If you see “http:” instead of “https:” then you DON’T have a secure session & can be hacked [esp. if you are using wi-fi]. Go to Account – Acct Settings – Acct Security – click Change. Check the box labeled “Secure Browsing” – Click Save…..

For those of you who admin pages, lots of new features including the ability to post at Facebook on behalf of your page (organization, etc.)

There’s the scoop. Now back to your regularly scheduled pollen laden day.