Apparently only 1 Georgia Librarian has been nominated. Seriously and I know some great people (for whom I will write nominations…)

For those of you with a competitive, or appreciative, spirit –

ALA-APA is hosting a contest with no prize other than the knowledge that your state celebrates its library workers publicly on National Library Workers Day (NLWD), Tuesday, April 12.  The states above have no NLWD stars currently submitted, but there’s still time.  The state with the most NLWD stars will be announced in the May issue of Library Worklife: HR E-News for Today’s Leaders.  Submitting your favorite library employee as an NLWD Star is a simple way to let them know that you notice and appreciate the good job they’re doing.  ALA-APA will accept Star nominations through the end of the day on Tuesday, April 12, and they will be posted by Friday, April 15.
Currently, Washington, DC is in the lead, followed by Virginia.