I need some feedback. I have multiple blogs out there. Some are more up to date than others; but none are particularly scandalous.
From 2000-2006, I art blogged. I blogged my art process. I blogged new art works. I blogged my heath problems. I blogged a photo friday EVERY friday. I photoblogged from my camera. It was much more personal than what I post here. (there are about 1000 posts in an expression engine website, just sitting…)

I occasionally crossposted here, but not so much. It was back in my “I need to keep my identities separate” days. I didn’t start out my professional career believing that my art was separate from my technology work. But I listened to people I valued (who I later found out didn’t really have my best interests at heart) and worked very hard to keep those parts of my life compartmentalized – even to the point of supporting separate blogs. Of course, if someone was looking they would find the separate parts (but as I discovered being anonymous and artist, well those things don’t work together so well!)

In the last couple of years, I decided that was all too much work and began to merge my identities back together …. but the reality is, I WILL be in the job market again, be it after I finish my PhD or some time before. Of course, I want to craft the best online presence I can. I’ve been accused of being “too much” and “too many” things. I think somehow people think I can not “be all of those things” successfully… but the reality is I work hard (heh, I’ve blogged 2 x this Saturday and I have a list of work projects for the evening). Rarely do I have a weekend (or vacation) when I’m not doing something. So what to do with all of those blog posts? My book reviews, my writings in an art journal, my instructional technology coursework?

What do you think? Should I fold everything in here? I named this journal content divergent, for the very reason that I wanted the freedom to write about what I want to. In all honesty, it would still be tech and library heavy, as my artwork takes time to do…

I’d love your thoughts on this.