Interesting that the 3 big take-aways from my presentation on digital identity, networking & branding seem to be:

  • If you don’t build your digital identity, someone else will. – I say this all of the time. Anyone who has heard me preach teach/talk on identity, know that I firmly believe it. It’s kind of a control your destiny kind of thing. Charlie Sheen seems to have learned that. 😉
  • Facebook has created a false sense of community by calling the NETWORK “friends”. Friends implies not only a relationship but a close relationship. If you decline a “friend” request, that implies a rejection of the relationship. As I worked on crafting my personal social media policy (which is based upon what is available here) one of my key elements has become that I do not accept all friend requests. My guidelines for who I follow or don’t are here. The two of them sum up my social media policy and best practices.
  • You do not need to connect with everyone everywhere and pick the best social media tool for you.

Anyhow, those seem to be the points that resonated with everyone. I think I may blog each of them individually at some point.
The entirety of the presentation is here: