So, your might be wondering why I’ve been so quiet. Busy busy busy.
I set up my art page on facebook at
You do not need to friend me (or even “like” the page) in order to see my photos and artwork.
I will be migrating a huge chunk of my art website there, will I redesign it in Drupal (I’m getting rid of all of the stand alone products, so that it’s just Drupal)
I just helped put together a lunch group to read and discuss metadata and the semantic web. It should be a lot of fun (even though we’ll all be giving up lunch time!) but I love getting together for a scholarly discussion. I just hope that we can split facilitation up amongst the group, so that it’s just not me (though I am doing the first one). I’m calling us the Metadata Munch Lunch Group. heh.

Secondly, still working on the book proposal. It was going to focus more on the semantic web, but given how little practical application there is at the moment, we’re redirecting it to be more about searching as the web involves… kind of a web 2.5, I suppose. I will still cover the semantic web, but not so much in a “here’s how to do a semantic web” project.

Beth & I are going to finish writing our article on training for metadata/cataloging librarians in December. We’re going to get this done if it kills both of us (100 pages of comments…) and I think we might possibly have another co-author or proofreader, which is great help.

Also, still teaching Drupal and working on a Drupal II class for Winter for Lyrasis.

Finally, starting work on little experiment with EXIF and ITPC data (the data embedded in JPGs) to see how search engines handle them. Should be interesting and I’m working with a couple of folks. More on that later — I don’t want to give away the details before it happens.

I also have a couple of crosspublishing opportunities as well as teaching for the Social Media/Web2.0 program. The Libraries program was so successful we’ve been asked to expand to campus. I really am going to try to get this organized into a digital format (it was really hard the last time because of all of the different file formats and some people had no handouts) but teaching at Training & Development we’ll have access to webinar software and mics.

Oh, and then I’m on the new Gadget Group, which should be alot of fun and organizing TedX for Women at UGA (12/7; 12/8) which now conflicts with a Knowledge Repository meeting. I should receive the schedule soon and can see if we need to do both days or if we can choose one day. I also hope to line up a few local speakers.

and if I survive all that, then I plan to go on vacation in Janurary for my birthday!