In case you haven’t heard about this (some of us have chatted in my lib about this), it really looks cool.

Library Anywhere, a mobile catalog for everyone (and they just rolled out a new iphone app too)

Following on our announcement of Shelf Browse, here’s another new product. We think this one’s a pretty big deal.

Announcing Library Anywhere! Check it out on our ALA handout (available here).

* A mobile catalog for any library, up and running in minutes.
* Mobile web and apps for iPhone, Blackberry and Android.
* Cheaper than you’d guess.
* Search, place holds, and more.
* Showcase hours, branches, and events.
* No installation process.
* Works with 90% of current OPACs.
* Comes with an “accessible version” that provides a fully Section 508-compliant version of your existing catalog.

Unlike Shelf Browse, available now, Library Anywhere is “coming soon.” So, we’re looking for beta libraries.

Iphone app