I decided to update my reasons I unfollow/unfriend because 2010 is my year to simplify, focus, and stay true to my intentions (it’s a yoga thing…)

If I unfollow (or unfan or unfriend or do not accept your request) it’s not that I like you any less (if I know you in person). If you are a colleague, it doesn’t mean that I respect you any less. If you are a fellow artist/graphics/web, it doesn’t mean that I dislike your work.

However, I want to be able to manage my online presences, my brand/digital identity, and have a real life. Do you know how much real time is used in creating a mixed media work? A whole lot and I need to be doing more of that.

Connect with me @: twitter, my blog, or linkedIn (please add a note to your request). You can also connect with me at my facebook page.

Reasons that I will unfriend/unfollow/deny your request:

  • Already connect with you online (or in real life):If I already connect with you in one space (facebook, twitter, IRL, etc.) I will stick with whichever space is better. No need to duplicate effort and content.
  • Infrequent posts: If you go 2 months without posting, I will unfriend/unfollow you. If you have just a few tweets, I may wait to follow you back.
  • Irrelevant posts:
    • You only (or predominantly) post replies back to your friends — you know what? it’s nice to have a dialogue, but if that is all your twitter feed is, I’d rather not be a 3rd wheel to a conversation I know little about.
    • You broadcast only – never responding to my mentions, comments or questions. (News agencies/sites are exceptions).
    • You only post follows: #FF or #FollowFridays — surely you can think of something to post the other 6 days of the week?
    • *You only post spam (duh) / spam me.
    • You only post minutiae — if I don’t know you personally, then I might not really care about that great Thai lunch you just had. Friends who shoe shop — you’re exempt on this one. 😉
    • You’re the Mayor of _______ in foursquare, and you talk about it all of the time… which leads me to…
    • Geoposting. I usually do not care where you are. It IS interesting to hear that you are at a conference or event — I get great ideas that way, but on the corner of 5th and main at starbucks? Didn’t need to know that. Maybe the Library of Congress who is archiving tweets will care, but I don’t. 😉
    • It’s all about your family, who I do not know. I’m not a stalker and would prefer not to eavesdrop on your life.
  • Private/Profile information (not sure who you are or why I should follow you)
  • Language barriers – you post in a language I don’t read – true there are translators out there, but it seems pointless to use those for social space
  • Wrong request: I will suggest an alternate after all, I’m not mean, just trying to manage my life better. Of course, this is my life and I reserve the right to change the rules. 😉