Social Media Consultant (Guru, Dude, etc.) Chris Brogan is offering a free webinar on how to not/give a webinar. For many of us, webinars are becoming an increasingly important form of training and teaching (I teach Drupal classes as a webinar through Lyrasis – next intro to Drupal Class is coming up in November).

Unfortunately, as many of us have witnessed, being a good face to face teacher does not equal being a good webinar teacher. I’ve done quite a few webinars (attended even more) and I definitely realize there is an art form to a good webinar. Sure technical difficulties can sometimes come into play (a tree fell on my power line once abruptly ending my class), but those kind of things are not what makes a bad webinar. I’m still perfecting my webinar craft so I am really looking forward to this (and thanks Chris Brogan!)

What you can expect to take away from this presentation:

  • What makes for good webinar graphic production
  • Good voice delivery
  • Good storytelling technique
  • How to build towards the close you want without selling like an obvious sales pitch