ooh, this sounds fun! Gooo, Merryll.
Happy Friday, GLA!

I want to tell you about an event you DO NOT want to miss at COMO! A Battledecks competition at our Awards Banquet. What is Battledecks? It is a crazy fun time where presenters have 4 minutes to talk on a given topic with 0 minutes of preparation to accompany creative PowerPoint slides they have NEVER seen. Who are our contestants? The Fabulous Merryll Penson, The Hilarious Alan Harkness, The Technophile Brian Hulsey, and the I Wanna Do It Emily Almond!!! The judges will be our State Librarian-Lamar Veatch, ALA President-Roberta Stevens and LibraryMan-Michael Portor! So be sure and sign up for the Banquet! Everyone will be talking about GLA’s First Battledecks! Thanks goes to
Sarah Steiner and Tessa Minchew who are coordinating and emceeing the