Interesting how my interests have progressed over the years. (and these are just the ones I can remember and just to note this is an alphabetic title list).

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..and guess what? I’m guest lecturing on digital identity, social networking, personal branding and digicred in 2 weeks; then on to GLA/COMO for 2 preconferences! Hopefully, I can squeeze in teaching a Drupal class, too. I know, whoa, busy!

Ask Technical Services Program (COMO/GLA; 2001) Co-Coordinated the Tech Services programs with the Chair through developing a potential topic list and identifying panel participants

Best New Technologies: Keeping up with the Storm Teleconference; (Discussion Leader 2006) Examining the challenges of Web 2.0 followed with a discussion of current Web 2.0 technologies and their use in the Libraries.

Bibliographic Data on the Semantic Web (discussion facilitator, 2009) Discussion on Martha Yee’s article on bibliographic data, RDA, and the Semantic Web.

Blog basics (Dweebs, a campus wide group; 2009) Lunch and Learn about various blog softwares and blog options, including an overview of WordPress and the UGA Libraries’ experience.

Blogging & Tweeting (co-trainer, 10 Weeks to a 2.0 You program; 2010) Workshop on blogging and tweeting including hands on activities and homework.

Cataloging’s links (Faculty meeting, panel presentation; 2007): Brief presentation on using bookmarking tools to pull together various links into a centralized page on the Cataloging Department’s website.

Cataloging Fundamentals: Records and MARC Presentation (Media Specialist program; Gwinnett Campus; Guest Lecturer; 2006): Presentation on record structure, data field elements for MARC, and the relationships between records and databases, with followup questions and answers session on cataloging practices, policies, and databases.

Cataloging Tools Survey: Research in Progress (Academic Librarian Research Forum, Georgia Tech; by invitation; 2009) Overview of a 2008 survey of approximately 200 catalogers from variety of libraries across the United States.

Cataloging Tools online: Free resources (2009; USG Cataloging Committee, online/Wimba) Continuing education presentation on free cataloging resources.

Connecting with Connexion: The UGA Experience, co-presenter; graphic designer (GUGM). 2005) Powerpoint graphics, collaborated on content and discussion topics, and presented an overview of the UGA Connexion migration timeframe and training.

Creating web pages in Netscape, class & tutorial (PDR; 2002)
Two hour workshop on web design including hands-on activities; developed content and learning objectives for using Netscape Composer to create websites.

Digicred: do you have it? (2010, UGA class, guest lecturer); Discussion on social and professional networking, social media, branding, and digital identity.

Direct Link to the Patron: Web Tools to Expand Services (COMO/GLA; 2006): Co-presenter on how libraries use web based tools to market their services, educate their patrons, and provide value added services with an overview of the Libraries’ Blog and Report an Error mechanism.

Drupal 101 (UGADG: University of Georgia Drupal Group; 2009) Lunch and Learn introduction to Drupal; end result was the formation of the UGA Drupal Group.

Drupal for Libraries (Lyrasis; 2010- ) Introduction and overview of Drupal with a focus on libraries. Please see Lyrasis website for more info.

Emerging Technologies in Libraries (GPLS Director’s meeting, invited speaker; 2009) Presentation and discussion on current and emerging technologies in general and also in libraries.

Facebook, Privacy, and Your Digital Identity (Dweebs; 2009; encore 2010) Lunch and Learn/presentation about privacy, digital identity, and social media, focusing on Facebook.

Flash, Bam, Alakazam! Photos in a 2.0 World (10 Weeks to a 2.0 You program; 2010) Workshop on online image editors, basic image editing and tips for good photography. Included hands on activities and homework.

GIL searching and reporting problems (UGA Libs Reference Department, 2002; co-trainer) One hour training session with identified training objectives including reporting discrepancies and errors found in the Libraries’ catalog (GIL).

He’s a mentor, she’s a mentor… wouldn’t you like to be a mentor, too? Panel member (COMO/GLA, 2002) Presented an overview of the Mentor Program and facilitated discussion of mentoring within academic libraries.

Illusion: Insights Into Visual Design Elements, Co-presenter, Emerging Technologies Faculty Learning Community; 2010) Presentation on webdesign, color, and the elements of web design and how they can impact user experience.

Image Editing: It’s not all about Photoshop (Dweebs; 2010) Lunch and Learn presentation about online image editors including video.

Issues in Cataloging and Bibliographic Maintenance Presentation (Media Specialist program; Gwinnett Campus; Guest Lecturer; 2006): Presentation on academic cataloging as it relates to bibliographic maintenance. Additionally, provided teaching assistance at follow-up hands on training session in creating MARC records.

Librarians and Faculty Learning Communities at UGA (PDRC; Panel Discussion Member, 2008) Discussion of experiences of being a member of Faculty Learning Communities.

Lip-smacking good: Web 2.0 technologies and your library blog (Co-presenter, COMO/GLA, 2007) Incorporating Web 2.0 technologies into blogging; includes overviews of Youtube, Flickr,, and using RSS feeds.

Metadata for Catalogers (USG, Cataloging Committee; online/Wimba; 2009) Continuing education presentation on metadata and how it fits into the cataloging profession.

Metadata 101 (UGA, Emerging Technologies Faculty Learning Community; 2009) Presentation of an overview of metadata as used on the web and by library communities.

News and Events Training Sessions, Co-trainer, 2005 One hour training session with identified training objectives, resources, and hands on exercises in the Libraries’ News & Events, an online WordPress database.

News and Events Project Overview (DHG), 2005; Co-presenter Overview of blogs and blog history, summary of project process, and demo of the Libraries’ News and Events, a WordPress database.

One Voice, Many Channels: Blogging and Tweeting for Libraries (COMO/GLA, 2010, Co-Presenter; invited preconference) Explores tweeting and blogging by academic libraries for sharing news, events, outreach, PR, marketing, and as a community building tool.

Open Systems, Closed Systems (University of Georgia/Freshman Seminar, Guest Lecturer; 2009) Presentation and discussion on the social media, opensource, community source, closed systems, and open systems.

Presentations that Rock! Advanced Powerpoint (PDRC workshop, 2008) Two hour workshop on extending Powerpoint to include video and real time websites, among other features.

Reading the MARC Code: Understanding the Cataloging Record Presentation, Co-trainer (STEP Program, 2007) Presentation on intricacies of reading a MARC record, its relationship to the Libraries’ catalog, GIL, as well as tips for interpreting the parts of a technical display of a bibliographic, holding, and item record in GIL.

Semantic Web and the Social Web (University of Georgia/Master of Internet Technology Program; Gwinnett Campus; Guest Lecturer; 2009) Presentation and discussion on the metadata, the semantic web and its assumptions, as contrasted and compared with user generated content from social media sites.

Semantic Web, Cataloging and Metadata (Valdosta State University, Guest Lecturer; 2010) Presentation and discussion on the metadata and the semantic web.

Simplify Your Inbox: Making RSS Work For You (UGA Libraries; Panel Discussion, 2009) Discussion panel on RSS including using Google Reader and reducing email by using RSS feeds.

Social Media Training: Tools You Can Use (Social Media for Government, 2010) Presentation and discussion of social media training tools, social media policies and more.

Web 2.0+ and Professional Networking: Are You LinkedIn? Panel Discussion (UGA; Coordinator/Facilitator; 2008) Social networking as used by those at the University of Georgia for professional networking purposes. Presentation also podcast.

What is Database Maintenance? Presentation (Media Specialist program; Gwinnett Campus; Guest Lecturer; 2004) Presentation on academic cataloging as it relates to bibliographic maintenance within the UGA Libraries. Additionally, provided teaching assistance at follow-up hands on training session in creating MARC records.

WordPress overview (University of Georgia Public Relations Department; 2008) Overview of WordPress and a discussion of some of their questions regarding how best to utilize WordPress.

Your voice: Professional Networking using Social Media (GLA/COMO preconference, 2010) Personal branding, professional networking, using social networking effectively; includes a discussion of privacy, netiquette, and developing a personal social media policy.