Generally, I try to strike a balance between a “professional” and “office casual” work wardrobe. I do throw in the occasional suit when the situation warrants it. However, considering I work “behind the scenes”, I’m not sure anyone would care (or even noticed) if I showed up in my pajamas and bunny slippers (mmmm…. maybe the bunny slippers because they do have ears — lol) Casual fridays don’t really exist, because it is generally “office casual” around here most days (and given the nature of the work we do — sitting most of the day at a computer or working with old moldy books (sadly, yes, we do have some books in that condition) suits are neither practical nor very comfortable). As much as I ♥ my flipflops, I really do not wear them to work (usually).

However, cribbing on the idea of photo friday (and the plethora of flipflops I have), I present flip flop friday. Here are the shoes I am wearing today, which have shells sewn on them (and my toes are ‘fairy teal’ in case you are wondering).

..and if you are wondering how many pairs of flipflops (or flipflop-like shoes) I own — a little fewer than 100 these days.