So, I ran across tweet sentiments which attempts to analyze your posts for things like positivity and educational level. LOL I guess it counts emoticons 😉 I do use slang, especially when posting to twitter (sigh… character limits) but I think it’s funny that I’m somewhat flamboyant yet gender neutral. heh. How in the world do they come up with that? You’d think since girl (okay, GURL) is in my name, they would’ve tagged that one. LOL Also, the other categories seem to be on a sliding scale. So, is it just boy/girl/gender neutral? Whew, they probably are going to wish they didn’t go there. LOL

Here is how it works. Of course, even this company realizes that it is not an exact science(?), which is a good thing considering I have one graduate degree and probably enough credits toward yet a third. According to them, I’m probably in about 5th grade. Perhaps, that has something to do with the slang I use? 😉

The profile is estimated based on the recent tweet content and writing style, the Education level could be interpreted as person with that level of education is capable of writing the tweets, and does not necessarily reflect reality.