For some of us, networking online is way easier than face to face. I think it’s the old E (extrovert) vs. I (introvert). The talky/chatty face to face world is very E centered; I think by nature the technology that drives the social media and the distance between people online (at least, generally) is more appealing to Is.

I’m gearing up to go to a conference and I’m not a naturally a face to face networky person (I know some of you will not believe that, but it’s because of years of being a fragrance spritzer girl during college I CAN fake the E… LOL). So, this article could not have come at a better time.

I’m summarizing here, but please go read the full post. It’s definitely worth the read. My comments are in teal.

  • Set some goals for yourself. I do this alot. Okay, 1) I make myself go to the event and 2) I make myself talk to SOMEBODY. 😉
  • Arrive with something to share. This is a really good idea and I’m considering how I can use this.
  • Know who you want to talk to.
  • Ask people to introduce you. Okay, I can (and do) do that.
  • Leave your comfort circle. AAck! Too easy to stay where we are comfortable, no?
  • Don’t pitch, listen.
  • Check in once you’re home. Okay, I can (and do) do that.

See those are good, aren’t they? Very practical and good reminders, too.