This is being reported from the facebook developers conference today (I’m condensing…) — no mention of privacy as this is geared towards those writing applications:

The most important mechanism is the [new] like button. No dialog, no login….By lowering the friction, we’ll dramatically increase sharing. Little friction, just an iframe. No register with Facebook, no nothing. Just the iframe. ….We know who the user is. Even if we’ve never visited CNN before, if four of my friends like that article, I’ll see their names. But I’m getting personalized social concept.

This one I don’t understand completely, but it sounds scary — so if you ‘like’ an athlete (say Toby Gerhardt), ESPN can send everybody on facebook who likes Toby an email? :

All categories of likes and interests. Just as easily as you can connect — can also connect with athletes. Tomorrow’s the NFL draft. Toby Gerhardt in draft. I’m going to ESPN button. Click like. All features of Can publish updates to all users. TOmorrow when Toby goes to the Browns, ESPN can send update to all people who like Toby.

Honestly, I am already looking for something to replace facebook for personal communication. I will keep it for professional networking (as I do with linkedin) but I need a space for my family — a safe and private place. Heck, maybe we should all start using again.

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