I surely hope this is the last fb update for a little while. Everytime I teach a class on fb, everything changes! LOL

So, many of us (including myself and probably 85% of my friends who post images to fb) have been having problems with the uploader, especially with firefox (firefox, you used to be so dependable, but that is another post….) We’ve updated java, done all of the other magic tricks, but no luck. Of course, alot of us have had all sorts of issues with fb (nothing like a new version rolling out to cause breaks in current functionality…). Btw, more here about the new version of fb…

Anyhow, fb has been aware of the uploader problems, and has created a new uploader developed in house. More here. Lots of chatter on the net about this (just google it.. lol)

Important to know for Firefox users:

Facebook has started rolling out the new uploader and it should be coming to everyone within a few weeks. When you want to upload a photo, you’ll be asked if you want to install the photo uploader plugin. Facebook says that this shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes. What it doesn’t say is that the plugin is only available for Firefox, 3.5 mind you, not the latest 3.6 as Facebook says it has disabled it in 3.6 due to a security vulnerability, for Google Chrome but only on Windows and very recently it has been made available for Internet Explorer 7 and above.

Also, some chatter about a new email system from facebook, too.