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The National Park Service (NPS) Library Program recently loaded the Thomas Edison National Historical Park (TENHP) MARC-format database of recorded sound holdings into the NPS Voyager catalog. The NPS
Voyager catalog is available for public searches on-line at .

The TENHP database in Voyager includes MARC-format data for the 10,000 cylinder records and 28,000 disc records preserved at Edison’s Laboratory in West Orange, New Jersey. The majority of the phonograph records in the collection are Edison recordings made between 1888 and 1929. The collection also includes some Edison-era
recordings made by competing companies. The project to create the MARC-format database began in 1995 and completed in 2005.

To limit a search in Voyager to the TENHP records only, follow these
- Go to the NPS Library Information center, on-line at
- Under "NPS Voyager Catalog", click on "search."
- Choose "Basic Search".
- Click on the list titled "Optionally limit to major NPS library."
- Choose TENHP, listed under "Major Park Libraries."

For more information, please contact:
Jerry Fabris, Museum Curator
Thomas Edison National Historical Park
National Park Service
United States Department of the Interior
211 Main Street
West Orange, New Jersey 07052
tel: (973) 736-0550, ext. 48
fax: (973) 736-8496