I read this post about game dynamics in “real life” (aka not a game), which started a thought chain… In a nutshell, game dynamics in social media and in IRL (in real life, whatever that really means, I live mostly online… lol) appear in:

  • Rewards and points to play, such as frequent flyer programs and Las Vegas casinos/resorts
  • Facebook is a game because of its immediacy and real time updating
  • Multilevel & local marketing on facebook and elsewhere
  • Time management & productivity tools (facebook, lifehacker, etc.)

I would add:

  • Networking/building alliances (linkedin, facebook, twitter, also, IRL, etc.)
  • Task oriented duties / completion of a task (I see this as different from a tangible reward, because sometimes the reward is just a completed profile or a thank you)
  • Learning
  • Chance and probability (I know the Google “I’m feeling lucky” is not completely random, nor is the suggested friends on facebook)
  • Exploration/Creative play

..and if I think long enough, I will come up with some more, I am sure.