Well, this would seem to be a match made in heaven for the goals of the semantic web — because regardless of the schema and mapping, I think there is going to have be some kind of established form/identity…. and considering my cataloger tendencies (lol), well, I can’t help but love this project….

The Virtual International Authority File (VIAF) has moved to beta phase and is available for all to
search at: http://viaf.org/The VIAF can be used as a reference for identifying and resolving conflicts and disambiguation of personal names. You know, Robin Fay the realtor is not me; neither is Robin Fay McNair who teaches Fear of Flying classes.

Some more info about the project from a cataloger’s perspective (condensed by me):
Suggested forms of citations should include:
1) The name or code of the institution responsible for the information
2) The date of the search
3) The information found, including the heading, identifying attributes, and variants (such as maiden name, pseudonyms, etc.)

and here is how that should appear in catalogerese:
670 $a [Name of institution in VIAF], [date of search] $b (hdg.: ([name as found in the VIAF authority record or participating library data base; variants: (if any)])

would equal:
670 $ BNF in VIAF, Nov. 12, 2009 $b (hdg.: Gaulle‏ , Charles de, 1890-1970)‏
> 670 $a Nat. Lib. Israel (Cyrillic), in VIAF, viewed Nov. 12, 2009 $b (hdg.: СЕРВАНТЕС СААВЕДРА, МИГЕЛЬ ДЕ,‏