I wonder how many more lawsuits are out there pending against facebook? And to answer my question, this is actually a followup to earlier legal action.

This one accuses Facebook of “conspir[ing] with Blockbuster to violate a federal law protecting customer video-rental and sale records.”

According to the article the previous law suit (which resulted in a settlement on Facebook’s part), “some 44 companies agreed under the Beacon program to supply Facebook with information about the online transactions of Facebook users, so the data could be broadcast to “friends” on a user’s Facebook page. Users were not asked if they wanted to opt in to the program and, according to the suit, could only opt out by visiting each of the individual partner sites to prevent their data from going to Facebook.”

Yet another reason not to link accounts like amazon, YOUR BANK, or another account with personal info that you might NOT want to let the world know about, with Facebook.

Facebook is a company – just like google, microsoft, etc.

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