Daily Archives: November 16, 2009

Reflections on training

Sigh, I will never agree to do anything on Monday again — it’s just too difficult. Anyhow, I will post the ppt to the cataloging tools presentation shortly. Considering how much training I’ve done over the years (some by choice, some not), I know a few things about teaching and training: You can’t train the untrainable — We all meet people who are disengaged and ...

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Lawsuit against Facebook

I wonder how many more lawsuits are out there pending against facebook? And to answer my question, this is actually a followup to earlier legal action. This one accuses Facebook of “conspir[ing] with Blockbuster to violate a federal law protecting customer video-rental and sale records.” According to the article the previous law suit (which resulted in a settlement on Facebook’s part), “some 44 companies agreed ...

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